Hot Shots US Open Challenge Results

In Tournaments by aaron

Well, the US Open Challenge has finished and by all accounts it was a ‘smashing’ success! (Get it, smashing? Oh no, the dad jokes are starting already!)

Photos from the event will be on the website soon but for now I’d like to congratulate all our participants for such a great day with great sportsmanship. And well done to anyone able to make it to the finals of the main tournament or the consolation. I was very impressed with most of the tennis. What is really starting to show is the ability to continue playing at a high level even under pressure. This is a very difficult skill, as I’m sure most parents could attest to.


Main Draw Winner – Hani

Main Draw Runner Up – Sonia

Consolation Winner – Oscar

Consolation Runner Up – Akhil



Main Draw Winner – Sean

Main Draw Runner Up – Freddy

Consolation Winner – Luke

Consolation Runner Up – Ethan



Main Draw Winner – Oliver

Main Draw Runner Up – Jonas

Consolation Winner – Mitchie

Consolation Runner Up – Joshua


Congratulations and we hope to see you all at the end of next term at our WORLD TOUR FINALS!