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Use the View Courts options to access Pickle Ball courts 2-4. Make sure that you have selected a Pickle Ball court (not a synthetic court) by checking the top of each court column.

What Is Pickle Ball?

Pickleball is an exciting combination of tennis, table tennis, and badminton. Instead of tennis racquets, players use solid (lightweight) clubs to hit the ball. If you've played tennis before, then you will already be familiar with many of the rules that are shared between the two sports. Some of the core rules of tennis apply in Pickleball too:

  • Receivers must let the ball bounce before returning a serve.
  • The ball must always remain within the court.
  • If the ball bounces twice on one side, the rally is over.

Pickleball also has some of its own rules:

  • Volleying is not allowed inside the no volley zone.
  • A serve in Pickleball is always underarm.

A comprehensive set of Pickleball rules can be found on the Pickleball Australia Association website.

Pickleball - A Lifelong Sport