Active Kids Voucher

What is the Active Kids Voucher?

The Active Kids program is an initiative by the NSW Government encouraging children to stay active. It provides parents with two vouchers each calendar year (until end of 2023), each valued at $50. The first voucher is valid from January to December, and the second is valid from July to December.

Who is eligible?

Active Kids Vouchers can be claimed by parents of children who:
  • Live in New South Wales
  • Are between 4.5 and 18 years old
  • Are enrolled at school
  • Have a medicare card

What can I use my voucher on?

Active Kids Vouchers can be used for supervised programs that is 8 weeks or longer. this mean the following KWTA programs are eligible:
  • Term classes
  • Private lessons (you will need to book for a minimum of 8 consecutive weeks)
  • The following programs are NOT eligible: Holiday programs, court hire and one off private lessons

Where can I find the Active Kids Voucher?

The Active Kids Voucher can be applied for online at Service NSW.

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How do I use the Active Kids Voucher?

Once you have received a voucher, you can use it to pay towards your child's KWTA lesson or term fees.
To redeem your voucher in person:
  • Print or have an electronic copy of the voucher available
  • Visit us at the office
  • Present the voucher to the reception. If using an electronic copy you may be asked to email your voucher to
  • Pay the gap fee
To redeem your voucher electronically:
  • Email the voucher, student name, date of birth and class details to
  • A gap invoice will be emailed in return
  • Pay the gap fee

We are not permitted to refund vouchers so please make sure to present the voucher with your registration. You can not register via the online booking system if using a voucher