Active Kids Voucher

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What is the Active Kids Voucher?

The Active Kids program is an initiative by the NSW Government encouraging children to stay active. It provides parents with two vouchers each calendar year, each valued at $100. The first voucher is valid from January to December, and the second is valid from July to December.

Who is eligible?

Active Kids Vouchers can be claimed by parents of children who:
  • Live in New South Wales
  • Are between 4.5 and 18 years old
  • Are enrolled at school
  • Have a medicare card

Where can I find the Active Kids Voucher?

The Active Kids Voucher can be applied for online at Service NSW.

How do I use the Active Kids Voucher?

Once you have received a voucher, you can use it to pay towards your child's KWTA lesson or term fees. When you pay, ask about the Active Kids Voucher. You will be asked to email your voucher to After doing this, you can then settle the remaining balance of the transaction (if one exists).