Our Philosophy

At the core, our goal is to help students reach their potential. Everyone is unique, with strengths and weaknesses. Not everyone has hours & hours per week to dedicate to their tennis. We take this all into account when trying to develop our players. We won't help you practice your Australian Open victory speech if you are only able to practice for half an hour per fortnight.

For those that wish to learn the game completely, especially juniors just starting out, we will first teach you how to hit the ball effectively. Next we will teach you how to efficiently move around the court to hit each and every shot. At this time we will also teach some very simple tennis tactics. Only when these skills are mastered will we teach you advanced tennis tactics. We feel that the real joy of tennis comes from mastering the ability to control the ball and respond to your opponent. Without these skills advanced tennis tactics aren't relevant.

Most importantly, we see tennis (and sport in general) as a microcosm of life. Through tennis, students can learn invaluable life skills such as deliberate and purposeful practice, goal setting, competitiveness and good old fashioned hard work. Not all students will make it to the top of the sport but it is our heartfelt desire for them all to be successful in life.

Who is KWTA?

Run by Kim Warwick (a 6 time grand slam champion and former Australian number 1) and his son Aaron, KWTA has a 25 year history of helping tennis players reach their potential. After finishing a long career as a professional tennis player with wins against the best players in the world Kim wanted to give his knowledge back to the tennis community.
With 20 years of training under Kim, Aaron has now developed his own unique and complimentary style for teaching a new generation of budding tennis players. Along with the help of expert coaches KWTA strives to be the best Tennis Academy in Australia.

We boast an impressive record of creating top juniors with scores of students reaching the top of their age group. We also host some of the most competitive adult competitions in the area so no matter what your goals are... we can help you reach your potential.




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