Good luck in the US, Daniel!

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Danny Farewell

Today KWTA loses a student, a teammate, and most importantly a member of our family.

Danny “Tall Daniel” Tan has been with KWTA for more than 10 years. We’d had the pleasure of watching him grow up from a young boy into a serious tournament player reaching top 200 in Australia and now into a man. He has worked for KWTA for the last few years and as any of his lessons would no doubt say, he always delivers the goods.

And as sad as we are to see Danny go, we are also excited for him. Because Danny will spend the next 4 years in the US on the back of a thoroughly deserved┬átennis scholarship. Knowing Danny, we are confident that he is going to thrive in the atmosphere of collegiate tennis and we’re pumped to see how he develops in that time. Go for Gold mate!

As a coach you build a strong bond with your students and Kim & I agree┬áthat Danny is the sort of lad you just can’t help but love and respect. But as coaches we also have to keep a clear boundary between us and our students because it’s simply not possible to get the most out someone otherwise.

Now that Danny is on to the next part of his journey I’m glad that I can finally call him my friend.

All the best mate, and remember there is always a place for you here.