Rain Make Ups – 2014 Term 3

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Affected classes are shown with their make up times.

KickStart Monday: Sunday 14th September 2pm

Hot Shots Minis 8:30: Sunday 14th September 3pm

Hot Shots Minis 9:00: Sunday 14th September 3pm

Hot Shots Minis 9:30: Sunday 14th September 2pm

Hot Shots Mon 4pm: Sunday 14th September 3pm

Hot Shots Tue 4pm: Sunday 14th September 2pm

Hot Shots Sat 8am: Sunday 14th September 3pm

Hot Shots Sat 9am: Sunday 14th September 2pm

Challenger Tue 5pm: Sunday 14th September 4pm

Challenger Wed 5pm: Sunday 14th September 4pm

Challenger Sat 10am: Sunday 14th September 4pm


Please note: Tuesday Hot Shots will be held at 2pm which is a change from the previous 3pm schedule. This is because the class will be two hours to cover the 2 classes they have missed. Tuesday Challenger is unchanged and will still be a 1.5 hour squad as we do not do 3 hour ssquads (too long). We will contact them individual with regards to the extra 1.5 hours.

Reminder: There are no exceptions to the make up squads. You cannot come on another day or get a credit in lieu of the make ups. We schedule them at the start of the term and students are expected to be there.