Clarification on court hire for students

In Aaron Blog by aaron

It has come to our attention that not all patrons are aware of our court hire policy for students of our junior program. We have a special discount for students wishing to play with their parents (on a space available basis) of $12 per hour. This is significantly cheaper than the normal rate and is designed to encourage kids to play more tennis.

In addition to this students can apply to arrange a court to hit with EACH OTHER (again on a space available basis) for FREE. Why do we not charge for this when it incurs expense though court wear and why is it different to the student/parent price? The answer is that we can get multiple students hitting at the same time, it provides a chance for the kids to do extra hitting at their own level which is more beneficial. And finally, it encourages the students to take their tennis into their own hands and effectively buy in to the idea they THEY are in control of their tennis, not someone else.

Whenever students get this feeling of maturity we see a significant improvement in their game. Hitting with each other keeps the environment relaxed so they work on new strategies, improvise, and just have fun. It helps them build friendly competitive bonds with their peers so that they can push each other to the next level.

Elite kids always come through in bunches. They always have someone there pushing them while they push back. This is why we want to encourage students to build contacts and friendships with each other and play as much as possible. Parents are certainly allowed on court during this group play but are not required. We are trying to build their independence as much as possible.

If you would like to take advantage of this please call us (or better yet, get your children to call us) and apply. We apologise to anyone who wasn’t aware of this policy.