Help us by downloading Dropbox

In Aaron Blog, News by aaron (Please click this link to download dropbox and install it on your computer – You will first need to press the “Read More” button under this post to make the link clickable)

As many of you know we are currently using USB Thumbdrives to give you the video footage from our Elite Squad. This is a little messy and there is a better way. We currently use dropbox for many things and it is a fantastic program. For every person who uses the above link to download and install dropbox onto their computer we get 500MB of extra storage. At the moment we don’t have anywhere near enough storage to upload the videos we take each term, but if everyone helps us out we should be able to get 10GB or so which would be enough to do one term worth of footage.

In the long run this will be the better and easier way to do things. So please help us out by downloading and installing.