Friday Ladies Comp Finals

In Kim Blog by aaron

The Semi-Finals of Division 1 were played on 23 November with the results being:

Racketeers (6-37) def Highly Strung (0-16)

Scattered to the Wind (5-35) def  TGIF (1-24)

Only 2 of the divisional finals were completed last week due to the extreme heat

Racketeers vs Scattered to the Wind will come back this friday 7th Dec to finish their match

In Division 2 That Really Good Team (3-34) def Sets in the City (3-32). Under 35˚ skies both teams fought hard to secure a win. Even though only one team could win both teams deserved 1st place.

In Division 3 Top Spinners (4-30) def Victorious Secret (1-17). The secrets won the first set but were unable to find an answer for the Spinners in the next 4 sets.

Congratulation to all teams for making the finals.

Enjoy your holidays ladies and we’ll see you in the beginning of January to continue the battle.