KWTA ‘Wimbledon’ Challenge Results

In Kim Blog by aaron

What a day we had this Saturday at KWTA Hornsby! 84 students from Beginner Red to Green had a great time playing some of the toughest matches seen since Djokovic beat Nadal at the Australian Open. Thanks to all of the parents for their help as umpires, scorers, BBQ chefs and supervisors at the jumping castle. Without your help these events are difficult to run smoothly. A special thanks goes to Tomas Graca who co-ordinated the whole event. Students attended from the following coaches/centres: Vanessa Thompson (Roseville Tennis), Jon-Paul La Fou, Chris Williams (Cameron’s Tennis), Brendan Rose (Abbotsleigh Tennis), Peter Shotter (Croydon Tennis), and Teresa Stapp (Narraweena)


Beginner Red

Leo Bernharid (Roseville Tennis) def Henry Wilks (Roseville Tennis) 10-7

Advanced Red

Dara Tajer (KWTA) def Bhavi Chauhan (KWTA) 10-9

Beginner Orange

Sean Wang (KWTA) def Freddy Hou (KWTA) 7-1

Advanced Orange

Djordje Subohc  (Croydon Tennis) def Nina Lewis (Narraweena) 9-5


Jack Bounds (Narraweena) def Lachlan Pidgeon (Narraweena) 9-5