KWTA Wimbledon Competition

In Kim Blog by aaron

Students KWTA is giving all of our players the chance to show how much they know about tennis by creating a picking contest at Wimbledon this year.
The Winner will get a $200 racket and Runner-Up $50 in tennis accessories. It is free to enter.

Here is how to enrol:
1. Go to
2. Scroll down to Bracket Challenges and click on “Find a Bracket Challenge”
3. Under 2012 Wimbledon Bracket Challenge click the number next to Private Pools
4. Click on KWTA and sign up, its that easy

The object is to pick the winners of each round before the start of the tournament. Be careful in the first round to pick all of the winners and you will be in the running to beat me. Of course no-one will beat me so study that form to try and come 2nd.