Player Spotlight: Sean Wang

In Student News by aaron

We had a bit of fun today and made a player spotlight of one of our young juniors, Sean Wang. Hopefully the video showcases a bit of what can be achieved with a good attitude and a consistent practice schedule. Sean has been attending squads for about 18 months now and 6 months ago he added a 1/2 hour private lesson to his Hot Shots classes.

We saw Sean’s level shoot up dramatically when he started taking part in our Hot Shots Series. Last term he came 2nd in Red Ball and this term he is leading our Orange Ball series. Having a three pronged approach to his tennis (squad, lesson, and comp)┬áhas really helped him to improve regularly and quickly.

Most importantly he gets a consistent message from both his parents and from myself that tennis is meant to be fun. Competing is a challenge and even if you don’t win you can have fun giving your best and then trying next time to be even better. I think that shows through in the video. Anyway I’ll stop rambling and let you enjoy!