Hot Shots Series final round rescheduled

In Competitions by aaron

Due to the rain last week we were unable to complete the Hot Shots Series. We will now play the final round in week 1 of next term on the 21st July. This will also serve as the introductory free round for anyone wanting to experience the Hot Shots Series ahead of the start of the T3 Series. Those who come for the free week won’t be able to win any prizes from the T2 series of course, but they will still be able to play matches, have fun, and see what the series is like.

As always this is open to ALL levels of player. Even those not currently enrolled in our Hot Shots program.

Please note: As awesome as they are, Hot Shots Minis and Kickstarters are still just a tad too young to play. (But mostly it would just be a bit embarrassing when all you 3 & 4 year olds beat the 12 year olds!)