Changes to Fitness Squad

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There will be some updates to the way we run the current ‘fitness squad’ next term. We feel these changes are for the better and will help more people participate.

But first I wanted to get something off my chest. Overall when I look at our juniors (including some of our top ones) I can’t help but notice something. When it comes to perception and movement (the two main areas that the fitness squad covers) we suck. Yes guys, we’re that bad. And if you don’t believe me think back to when you had your last lesson. Did your coach say “Move your feet!”? If so, you’re movement sucks. (This doesn’t apply to everyone but it certainly applies to most. That’s why we made the squad in the first place.)

Because people with good footwork do it naturally. It’s a habit. They move quickly and precisely and they do it while remaining balanced. Does that sound like someone who needs to be told “Move your feet!”? And remember that that doesn’t mean that they were born that way. They worked for it. They trained their guts out. They tweaked their performance and after all the hard work and determination they get to reap the rewards.

So what is changing? First of all, the name. Fitness Squad doesn’t match up with what we do. We don’t JUST run. It’s not JUST a cardiovascular workout.

In any given week we do a range of activities covering:

  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Power & Speed
  • Endurance & Recovery
  • Reaction & Response
  • Perception & Determination
  • Balance & Coordination

and most importantly

  • Mental Toughness & Self Belief

Say hello to the new High Performance Team.

What does high performance mean?  “Modified or designed to give superior performance”. And that’s what we do. We supercharge people. We give them extra skills, extra power, extra belief. And as a team I strongly encourage each student to work together with the others. It truly is a team effort. It’s not just a coach and a student. It’s students helping each other. Challenging each other to get better and work harder.

The other, most important, change is the time. We’re dropping it down from a 1 hour squad to 45 minutes. I’ve spent two terms now working on the lesson plans and I feel I can get the same skills learned in the shorter time frame. We will be starting earlier as well. Now the class will go from 6:30-7:15. This way more students will be able to attend because there will be plenty of time to get ready for school. That’s right, no excuses.

And the price will be dropping to $10.

The High Performance Team

When: Fridays @ 6:30-7:15

Where: KWTA Hornsby

Price: $10

I’m also willing to add in another day if that helps more students attend. Please let me know in the comments.