Modifications to Saturday Hot Shots Series

In Competitions by aaron

Moving forward there will be a few changes to the Saturday Hot Shots format that we hope people will appreciate. We’ve made these decisions to add extra flexibility and excitement to the comp.

  • The winner of the term (5 weeks) will now be determined as the player with the most points from their best 4 rounds. This way if a player misses a week due to illness or unavailability they will not be penalised.
  • Each player will also be part of a team (based on their coach) and their points score will be added with all the other players on their team to determine the winner of the KWTA Hot Shots Cup. The teams are as follows: Aaron’s Annihilators, Allistair’s Avalanches, Kim’s Kommandos, Paul’s Pulverisers, Riley’s Renegades, Shane’s Sharpshooters, and Tom’s Terminators.

In addition to this the highest point scorers in each division will become the seeded players for our upcoming Roland Garros Hot Shots Challenge to be played at the conclusion of this term’s Hot Shots series. Stay tuned for more details.