Rain Make Ups

Next Make Up Day - Sunday 12th November 2017
Friday 4pm Hot Shots Select – 1-2pm
Friday 4pm Hot Shots – 2-3pm
Friday 5pm Challenger – 3-4.30
Friday 6:30pm Challenger Elite – 3-4.30
Friday Elite – time and date will be confirmed later

If your class has not had a rain cancellation there will be no rain make up.
  • Make up classes are held on Sunday of week 5 & 9 for affected classes
  • Exact times made available one week before class
  • Make up classes are compulsory and non attendance cannot be credited without medical certificate
  • Classes will only be cancelled for rain if the courts are dangerously wet. We do not cancel the class just because it is raining.
  • Classes will only be cancelled for heat if the temperature at the centre is over 36C
  • It is the student’s responsibility to check to see if classes have been cancelled. We will attempt to send a text message but for various reasons they sometimes don’t come through. Please remember that rain in one suburb does not mean rain in another.