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New Sunday Competition

Green, Yellow and Elite levels.
Singles and Doubles.

$75 per player. Starts 6th August.

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NSTA Sunday Competition


Per Player
  • Singles
  • Doubles
  • 2 player teams
  • Some away matches
  • Standard: Intermediate & up
  • 8:00am (Intermediate)
  • 10:30am (Advanced)

STL (Inter District)


Per Player
  • Singles
  • Doubles
  • 3 player teams
  • Home & Away matches
  • Standard: Advanced
  • Sunday Morning (times vary)
Fixtures & Results
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For any questions regarding our competitions above, don’t hesitate to contact us!

“The fastest way for kids to improve is to put them into a competition where they can see for themselves what works and what doesn’t.” – Kim Warwick
Students just starting out should enter the Hot Shots Series. This is for beginner to intermediate kids ages 4+.

RED BALL – 4 to 8 years. Free to play. Younger students will play a “Hit the Cones” style match, rather than rally against each other. This makes it easy and fun for kids to start out. Older kids will play over the modified nets in a normal rally based match.
ORANGE BALL – 7 to 11 years. Students will play a match that is half the width of the doubles courts with a shorter baseline. First serve should be overhead. Second serve can be either.
GREEN BALL – 9 to 12 years. Played in a full singles court. Both serves must be overhead. Exactly the same as the pros play except with the modified green balls.

Advanced players may be ready to play the Elite Series. Please drop us a line if interested.

NSTA comp is suitable for kids who are Green ball and up. No 10:30 start in Term 1.

To get the most out of our comps you should attend every week they are on. There is no penalty not to attend although for NSTA comp you must provide a reserve if you can’t make it.
That’s fine! We accept all students. As one of the biggest junior programs in the area we tend to have the best depth for competitions so if you find your local comp a bit lacking then feel free to join us!
Don’t sweat it. Our comps are all casual in nature and designed to be low-pressure. We find the students who treat the comp as a way to practice what their coach has taught them have more fun and have better results